Winning Key Farms
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2017 Foals by Sire

Andoversure/American Lassie by American Mike - bc
Andoversure/Batting Lashes by Tom Ridge - brc
Andoversure/Hall La La by American Mike - bc
Andoversure/Winter Star by Star Challenge - bc
Angus Hall/Marbella by American Mike - bc
Angus Hall/Pleasure's Maiden by Super Pleasure - bc
Break the Bank K/Andovermetreasure by Andover Hall - bc
Break the Bank K/Mity's Winner by Broadway Hall - bf
Break the Bank K/Aqua Marina by Donato Hanover - bf
Break the Bank K/Gold Cora by Encore Encore - bc
Break the Bank K/Lady Sierra Gold by Angus Hall - bc
Break the Bank K/Jonlinda by Angus Hall - bf
Break the Bank K/Wonderland Snow by Angus Hall - bc
Chapter Seven/Amity's Lalabye by Broadway Hall - bc
Conway Hall/Sand Piper by American Winner - brc
Credit Winner/Sweet Shurga by Donato Hanover - brc
Donato Hanover/Americansnowqueenk by American Winner - blf
Donato Hanover/Pleasure Skate by Super Pleasure - bc
Donato Hanover/Showy Starlet by Muscles Yankee - bc
Donato Hanover/Winningmiss Brenda by American Winner - bf
Encore Encore/Missy Money Bags by Revenue S - bf
Encore Encore/Pocketbook Treasures by Revenue S - bf
Encore Encore/Princess Fortune by Mac's Crown K - brc
Encore Encore/Pure Romance by Muscles Yankee - bf
Encore Encore/Sass n Pout by Tom Ridge  - bc
Encore Encore/Striking Gold by Striking Sahbra - brf
Encore Encore/Sweetsixteenkarats by Revenue S - bc
Explosive Matter/Miz B Winnin by Angus Hall - bc
Explosive Matter/The Great Pacific by American Winner - brc
Kadabra/American Misty by American Winner - bc
Kadabra/Baby American by American Winner - bc
Kadabra/Silent Opera by Broadway Hall - bf
Kadabra/Win Missy B by Conway Hall - bf
Muscle Massive/American Starlet by American Winner - bf
Muscle Massive/Mac's Caper K by BJ's Mac - bc
Muscle Massive/My Winning Way by Conway Hall - bc
Muscles Yankee/Treasure Forever by Lindy Lane - bf
Trixton/Miss Chip K by Pine Chip - blkf
Trixton/Pay Me Sister by Revenue S - bf
Winning Mister/Fast Lane K by Lindy Lane - bc
Winning Mister/First Sonata by Windsong's Legacy - brf
Winning Mister/La La Nina by Yankee Paco - bf
Winning Mister/Pleasure's Song by Windsong's Legacy - bf
Winning Mister/Pink Ruffles by Credit Winner - brc
Winning Mister/Soaring Flight by Chip Chip Hooray - brf


American Ideal/Artista K by Real Artist - brf
Betterthancheddar/Native Flower by Allamerican Native - bc
Heston Blue Chip/Dance Hall Girl by Real Artist - bc
Heston Blue Chip/Dragontina by Dragon Again - bf
Rocknroll Heaven/Dance With Me Tina by Presidential Ball - bc
Somebeachsomewhere/Alladorable by Allamerican Native - bf​
Somebeachsomewhere/Chinatown K by Towner's Big Guy - bc
Sweet Lou/Lady's Critic by Well Said - bf
Sweet Lou/Posey Tina by Camluck - bf
Sweet Lou/Rocknroll Queen by Rocknroll Hanover - bc
Well Said/Valenteenie by Albatross - bc