Winning Key Farms
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List of Yearlings by Sire

​Win Over K:  Andover Hall/Amity's Winner by American Winner - bc
Sting Like A B K:  Andover Hall/Winning Missbrenda by American Winner - blc
Pink Teacups:  Andoversure/Pink Ruffles by Credit Winner - brf
American Pageant:  Angus Hall/American Miss K by American Winner - brf
Mac n Caps:  Angus Hall/Mac's Caper K by BJ's Mac - bc
Stone Lions:  Angus Hall/Marbella by American Mike - brc
Penny Holiday:  Break the Bank K/American Holiday by Angus Hall - brf
Flying Feathers:  Break the Bank K/Feather Your Nest by Donato Hanover - bf
Bankers n Robbers:  Break the Bank K/Jonlinda by Angus Hall - bc
Cash in the Chips:  Break the Bank K/Miss Chip K by Chip Chip Hooray - bf
The Bank Teller K:  Break the Bank K/Mity's Winner by Broadway Hall - bf
Silencia K:  Break the Bank K/Quiet Snow by Angus Hall - bf
Counting Her Moni:  Break the Bank K/Sheknowsherlines by Broadway Hall - bf
Jaw Breaker K:  Break the Bank K/Sugar Heart by Angus Hall - bc
Break Hearts:  Break the Bank K/Sweetie Hearts by Angus Hall - bf
Bank Box Treasure:  Break the Bank K/Treasure Box K by Donerail - bc
Far Far Away:  Conway Hall/Pleasure's Maiden by Super Pleasure - bc
Pocketsoftreasures:  Conway Hall/Pocketbook Treasures by Revenue S - bf
She Blushes:  Conway Hall/Pure Romance by Muscles Yankee - brf
Snow Boarders K:  Donato Hanover/Americansnowqueenk by American Winner - bc
Whirl Winds K:  Donato Hanover/Pacific Winds by Muscle Hill - bc
Skate Chase:  Donato Hanover/Pleasure Skate by Super Pleasure - bc
Sister Donato:  Donato Hanover/Winning Sister by Muscles Yankee - bf
Warkin Again:  Encore Encore/Angel Warken by Ken Warkentin - brc
Sign Here n Here:  Encore Encore/Dolly Signs by Revenue S - bc
Don't Sass Me:  Encore Encore/Sass N Pout by Tom Ridge - bc
Sweetie Karets:  Encore Encore/Sweetsixteenkarats by Revenue S - bf
Treasure Wish:  Encore Encore/Treasure Bank by Banker Hall - bf
Wanna Wanna B:  Encore Encore/Wannabe First by Muscles Yankee - bc
Lite Years Away:  Encore Encore/Winter Star by Star Challenge - brc
Rush Lane:  Explosive Matter/Fast Lane K by Lindy Lane - brf
Pacific Siren:  Explosive Matter/The Great Pacific by American Winner - brf
Presto Change O:  Kadabra/Pretty as My Mom by Conway Hall - bf
Spell Bounder K:  Kadabra/Silent Opera by Broadway Hall - bc
Master Mystical:  Kadabra/Win Missy B by Conway Hall - bc
Paper Fans:  Muscle Massive/American Beauty by American Winner - brf
Bafraidbveryaftraid:  Muscle Massive/Be Winnin by Angus Hall - bf
Mass Fortune K:  Muscle Massive/Ice Fortune K by Fame n Fortune - bc
Icy Spirit:  Muscle Massive/Icy Pleasure by Super Pleasure - bf
Lady Builder:  Muscle Massive/My Winning Way by Conway Hall - bf
The Muscle Dog:  Muscle Massive/Princess Fortune by Mac's Crown K - bc
Mr Saint Alive:  Winning Mister/American Saint by Like a Prayer - bc
Mister Pool Hall:  Winning Mister/Curlicue by Muscles Yankee - bc
Winning Legends:  Winning Mister/Fairest of All by Lindy Lane - brc
First Maestro:  Winning Mister/First Sonata by Windsong's Legacy - brc
Sister Gracie K:  Winning Mister/Graceful Sister by Yankee Glide - brf
Hey Mister Mister:  Winning Mister/Lovely Challenge by Star Challenge - bc
Mister Magic K:  Winning Mister/Magic Treasure by Kadabra - bc
Bikini Tina:  Winning Mister/Palette Tina by Allamerican Native - bf
Songstress K:  Winning Mister/Pleasure's Song by Windsong's Legacy - bf
Sweet Madam:  Winning Mister/Sweet Mademoiselle by Varenne - brf

Tina's Forty Fives:  ​A Rocknroll Dance/Baubletina by Camluck - bf
Apple Tina K:  American Ideal/Art Tina by Artsplace - bf
She Dragons:  Dragon Again/Native Flower by Allamerican Native - bf
Big Pocket Teen:  Mister Big/Beautinaful by Blissfull Hall - bc
Waltzing With Tina:  Shadow Play/Dance With Me Tina by Presidential Ball - brf
Shadow Sparks:  Shadow Play/Nuclear Rays by Camluck - brf
Volley Ball Beach:  Somebeachsomewhere/Alladorable by Allamerican Native - bc​
Chinatown Beach:  Somebeachsomewhere/Chinatown K by Towner's Big Guy - bc
Be Bop Tina:  Somebeachsomewhere/Queen of the Ball by Ball and Chain - bf
Sports Teen:  Sportswriter/Tattootina by Island Fantasy - bc
Shezmylilrocknroll:  Sweet Lou/Rocknroll Queen by Rocknroll Hanover - bf
Antique Master K:  Vintage Master/Silky Flower by Allamerican Native - chc
Renaissance Lady:  Well Said/Lady's Portrait K by Arturo - bf
Western Fantasy:  Western Terror/Gypsy Fantasy by Island Fantasy - bc
Hour Glass K:  Western Terror/Bohemian Dancer by Artsplace - bf